Best Places To Shop For Swim Suits For Under $100

Swim suits are one of the most important pieces of clothing during the summer months. Having an awesome pair of bikinis is really important for our self-esteem as well; we often feel a bit self conscious  about our body when it is naked, so a nice bikini can boost our confidence a lot! Take me for example; I have 10+ swimsuits but how many of them do I actually like? The number is like 0.5; I have 1 swimsuit that I kinda like but not completely.. This summer  I’m going to invest in a couple of swimsuits I really like and rock them! So, I compiled a list of the best places to shop for swimsuits for under $100 and I am sure it is going to help you ladies out as well. Let’s start.

BOOHOO: Boohoo has a huge amount of different bathing suits and they are all very trendy and chic. The swimsuits are really cheap as well, the average bikini costs $35.

FOREVER 21: As we are used to from Forever 21, they have the most stylish and up-to-date bathing suit options. The quality is not shockingly well but you will be able to use the bikini for 2 seasons. Their prices are around $30 as well.

MISSGUIDED: Missguided has the BEST swimsuits everr. They offer so many different options and they are all so sexy; definitely what I need for this summer! Their prices are $30 on average as well.

These were my favorite places to go for swim suit shopping. The collections are constantly changing, so I don’t see the need in buying very expensive pieces, since I’m not going to wear mine for more than 2 seasons. I hope this post about the best places to shop for swim suits for under $100 was helpful for you, let me know in the comments below if you want me to write about anything else!


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