Hey loves! So I’ve decided to go for a “how to wear” post every now and then to help you combine tricky pieces with each other. Denim on denim is definitely at the top 3 of that list; although it has been popular since a couple of years, it is still very hard to combine the perfect pieces with each other because all denim seems to be different. Sometimes the shade is off, sometimes the fabric is off, so let me give you some tips on how to wear denim on denim.

  1. Put some color into your outfit. If you’re not quite comfortable with wearing a complete denim outfit yet, then just combine your denim jacket with black or white jeans for example.

  2. Ripped jeans go great with a denim jacket, the rips give it an informal look and it makes it okay to go edgy on the outfit.
  3. Don’t wear denim accessories. They often make your outfit look cheap, so just stick with denim clothing from now on!

  4. The two denim pieces should not be the same color. It is near impossible to find two pieces that are the same color, so it is going to look like you tried to get a matching outfit and failed, and even if you do manage to get the same color, it is going to look very cheesy. 

  5. Combine your denim on denim look with animal prints, white & camel colors, bright clutches, pointy-toe pumps, statement necklaces, silk neck scarves and red lipstick.

This picture will basically sum up all the DON’Ts for you guys!

I hope this post helps you guys out in figuring how to wear denim on denim. Give me your feedback in the comment below, I’m very interested in it!

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