For the last 2 months my skin has been acting out, and I could not get it under control in any way. So, I started to do some digging into a skincare routine that could solve my problem. What I found out is that tea tree oil is a great remedy against pimples and it is recommended by lots and lots of people. It dries the pimples out so it will be gone overnight if you are early, and in 2 days if the pimple is already fully formed. So I went to do some shopping and got myself products that contained tea tree oil. Here is my skincare routine against pimples:

  1. In the morning I wash my   face with a cleanser. This cleanser from the body shop (click on the link to shop) works perfect. Usually I apply it with a simple facial brush tht I got for a couple of bucks.
  2. The cleanser is a great way to keep your skin fresh and clean but it will dry your skin out if you do not apply any facial creams. When your skin gets too dry, it will produce even more oil to compensate for the dryness, and this oil will cause more pimples in return. Long story short: keep your skin hydrated! I went for a day and night cream, it is from a shop called “de tuinen”, it is basically the dutch body shop but you could look for it in any brand. Just make sure that it contains tea tree oil! I put on the cream in the morning after washing my face with the cleanser.This is also a face cream with tea tree oil, sometimes I use this one. It is from a cheaper brand but it still does the job.
  3. The skin under your eyes is more sensitive than the rest of your face, that’s why it needs a cream specially designed for the under eye area. Keeping my under eye area hydrated is not only a part of my skincare routine to fight against pimples, it also helps to keep it young and prevent wrinkles from forming. This cream is from a local shop and nothing special, I did not go for any special ingredients because my under eyes do not have any pimples. This was the last step of my morning routine.
  4. My night routine starts with taking off my make up and washing my face again with the cleanser as in step 1. Then I repeat step 2 and let it dry for 10 to 15 minutes.  After that I apply tea tree oil to my pimples that are formed or forming, or I apply it to a whole area if the outbreak is really bad. The brand of the tea tree oil doesn’t matter but you need to make sure that it is pure tea tree oil.
  5. This step is optional. Some areas of my face tend to get really dry; for example the corners of my mouth. Every now and then I apply some facial oil to moisturizethose spots deeply, I don’t apply it on my whole face since I don’t want to get it oily. I went for almond oil because it softens the skin and is absorbed really quick.This was my skincare routine against pimples. Just give it a try, I’m sure it will help you a lot. The effects of tea tree on the skin are proven, it is an ancient recipe but not many people know about it yet.

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