One of the hottest trends currently is velvet! It looks good on dresses, tracksuits, shoes, accessories, you name it! Basically when you wear something in velvet it will make you look very classy and chic. I think right now having a velvet item in your closet is a must have and you can own a piece for just a couple of bucks.

The first item to check out are velvet dresses. As you can notice a choker goes perfect wth these dresses. I can’t explain why, but chokers look good with velvet items. It can be a choker full of diamonds or a simple silver or gold necklace. For a more sporty look you can go for a simple black choker as well; although you can get them for a couple of bucks they look good as hell.

Velvet tracksuits are very hot right now as well. You can pair them with sneakers for a sporty look and with heels for a chic Sunday funday look. When it comes to sneakers fenty is the right choice if you ask me. Regarding heels the best choices are simple sandals.
Lots of different shoe models come in velvet as well, I can’t choose between them, they all look so good! You can pair it with jeans, a dress or basically any other materials.

I did not even include velvet accessories in this post, but they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and they are an instant booster for your outfit. Are you already a member of the velvet gang? Let me know what your favorite piece of velvet clothing is in the comments below!









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